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The Annual Conference is open to researchers, PhD students, post-docs and professionals from business, government and nongovernmental institutions. Participants are also encouraged to organize special sessions (with the guidance of the Scientific Committee).

Conference Topics

The INFER Annual Conference is open to contributions from all areas of economic research. However, we especially encourage submissions related to the following topics:

  • Macroeconomics and Finance

  • Monetary Economics

  • Fiscal Policy and Public Economics

  • International Economics and Trade

  • Environmental and Development Economics

  • Regional Economics and Economic Geography

  • Housing and Real State Economics

  • Industrial Organization

  • Microeconomics and Game Theory

  • Behavioural and Experimental Economics

  • Econometrics

  • Political Economy

  • Migration

  • Gender Economics

  • Regulation and Competition Analysis

Submission Procedure

Submission should be in English and include title, keywords, JEL classification, author(s)’ full name(s), affiliation, address, and email of the (responsible) author.

Please submit your paper (in pdf file format only) online via Conferencemaker at:



Note: if the link does not take you to the 2019 conference, please follow this link and search INFER Annual Conference 2019 (Brussels), click the link to go to the login page. 

Special Sessions

The conference will host a number of special sessions focusing on specific topics. These may be organized by INFER scholars as well as by other conference attendants who send their proposals to the Organizing Committee. Special sessions will have discussants distributed among presenters of the same session.

INFER prizes and awards

In order to stimulate research activities by INFER members, at the INFER Annual Conference there are three prizes awarded to presenters:

  • Young Economist Award, to researchers under the age of 32 by the last day of the conference.

  • INFER Research Prize, to the best paper.

  • INFER Policy Research Award, to the best policy paper.

The procedure for applying to these prizes and awards will be specified in due course at the website of the INFER Annual Conference: https://www.infer-vub.com

Publication opportunities

The conference offers several high-quality publication opportunities to the authors of outstanding research papers.  The procedure for submitting the papers to the journals will be specified in due course.

INFER has started a cooperation with the Journal of Economic Integration (JEI). The authors of excellent research papers presented during the 2019 INFER Annual Conference will be invited to submit their work to a JEI special issue.